Snowman Popcorn Cups

Introducing the Snowman Popcorn Cup!
Try this one for your next winter play date, party, or simply for a fun family movie night at home!
In order to create these guys, all you will need is the following:
-clear containers:  I used clear plastic cups and a clean, clear vase
-ribbon or fabric for scarves
-black and orange sharpie markers, or orange construction paper if you don’t have an orange sharpie
-white popcorn
Note:  popcorn is not terribly nutritious, yet neither is it terrible for you.  The more oil, salt, and butter it is made with, the worse it is for you.  This article mentions the best way of preparing popcorn being to air pop it and then add some extra virgin olive oil and sea salt for taste.  I went the easy route and bought some Vic’s All Natural Light White Popcorn for this snack.  The rule of thumb is, the less steps and ingredients to produce the popcorn, the better.
To transform this vase into a large popcorn snowman, I simply placed some tape onto where the eyes, smile, and buttons would be, then I drew them right on.  I found that the clear packing tape (which I used for the eyes in the picture above, was much easier to take off and much less visible against the glass than regular scotch tape, so use the packing tape if you have it.
For the nose, I used a small triangle of orange construction paper and taped it right on.  Like I mentioned above, an orange sharpie could be used for this too (along with a piece of tape to protect your vase, of course).
 For the small plastic cups, I used a package from Walmart that cost under $3 for 100.
The little cups are equivalent to 1 1/2 cups or so of popcorn, a great serving for the kids.
 I hope you enjoy creating your own snowman popcorn cups.  Be creative with your supplies, and show me what you came up!  I’d love a link to a photo in the comments from you!
Tie a brown pipe cleaner around the middle of the cup to create some arms
Glue eyeballs (from the craft supplies aisle) onto the plastic cups
Use your imagination!

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    These are so darling! What a great creative idea for a fun snack. These would make a great craft (let the kids make their own snowman faces) and then the kids can eat them. Thank you so much for sharing!

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    These are adorable!!! Thanks so much for sharing at For the Kids Fridays at SunScholars! I am featuring you at this week’s party! Stop by and grab an A++ Button for your blog if you haven’t gotten one already 😉

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