Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of Disney’s most beloved characters of all time.  We love Disney in our house.  We’ve made Winnie the Pooh, Mike Wazowski, the house from the film “Up”, and today we are making Mickey Mouse!
This Mickey was the perfect breakfast.  Oatmeal, raisins, and yogurt are the perfect combination!
(By the way, is photo 1 or photo 2 better?)
Make a semi-circular shape on the plate with your oatmeal.  Next, add Mickey’s ears with the raisins.  Use the plastic bag method shown below to easily draw two oval eyes and the mouth.
Draw the mouth, then add a small piece of watermelon to look like his tongue.
That’s it!
Now, I have one daughter who likes raisins, and one who doesn’t.  Grace, the oldest, wanted a Mickey but did not want raisins.  For her, a threw some raisins into some white bowls for the presentation, then left her with just the face to eat.

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