Winnie the Pooh

We are in love with Costco’s strawberries.  We’ve bought them all summer and they are consistently delicious.
This week I had some strawberries in the house as well as some organic colby jack cheese, also from Costco.  I decided a Winnie the Pooh snack was in order.
Cut cheese to shape using a sharp knife.  I think I used two slices to make this snack, giving the leftover cheese to my two year old.  Next, create a shirt with strawberries sliced in half to lay flat on the plate and fit together to look like a shirt.
Add Pooh’s nose and eyes with some raisins, and draw his mouth and “Hunny” pot using the technique shown below.  Serve the rest of the yogurt on the side, and you have a fun and healthy snack!

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