Snowman Milk Chugs

Need a great kids drink for a Winter Party?  While the adults sip their spiced eggnog, serve the kids milk in the form of little snowmen!

Perhaps you’re hosting winter play date and looking for something to serve.
Making them is so simple, and the kids will love to drink them as they decorate cookies or snack on some healthy play date snacks.
The best part is, the kids can help you get them ready to serve to their friends!


We bought two different kinds of milk drinks.  The lucerne brand were 4 for $5, which was a great price, and the Deans were a little closer to $2 each.  I decided to try both in order to see which shape came out cuter.


We used some pipe cleaners and a black, brown, and orange sharpie in order to create our snowmen.  How much simpler can you get when it comes to supplies?

Next, remove the wrappers.  I’m very partial to my cute little assistant!


Take two pipe cleaners of matching color and wrap around the bottle two thirds of the way up.  This will create your snowman’s scarf.  My four year old girl did a great job of choosing a color for each snowman and wrapping each one.
Take your sharpie and draw your faces using black for the eyes, smile, and buttons; orange for the nose; and brown for their stick arms.
As you can see, the two different bottles both come out cute, so you can use either brand depending on your preference.
I actually liked the bigger bottles better, since the “scarf” stayed in place better.  There is a groove in the bottle at just the right spot!
Hope you enjoy the Snowman Milk Chugs!
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    I might make these for a kid’s party we are attending on New Year’s Eve at noon. :) They are requesting beverages or side dishes to be brought! They always have water so if there are dairy allergies, it will be alright. 😛

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    These are so stinkin cute! Our kids will love making these. Thanks for linking up to our Strut Your Stuff Saturday! We are so glad you stopped by. -The Six Sisters

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    So cute! It didn’t say in the directions – I’m assuming you took the wrappers off the bottles before decorating.

    These would make a great addition to a snow party. I’m going to suggest them to my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher.

    Thanks for sharing this at Motivation Monday!

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      Oh Pops that is just gorgeous I love how youve ceoourld your image and the snowflakes look fabulous. I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and I hope you all have lots of fun. hugs Shirleyxx

    • says

      Christina, No we live South- way south- Tucson area. I see these signs all the time here and it cracks me up. We have coelor weather than the PHX area but only by about 10 degrees. :) Thanks for leaving a comment!


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