4 easy play date snacks

I have some easy, healthy, and fun snacks for your next play date.

Now that the weather is cooler, we will be hosting more play dates here at the house as opposed to meeting our friends out at the park, pool, or outside entertainment.
I thought I’d share a few ideas of healthy and cute foods to put out for the kids to inhale munch on as the moms chit chat!

#1: Peanut Butter Dipping Fun 

  Provide some peanut butter for dipping and some peanut butter friendly items like celery, apples, graham crackers, and bananas.  Each kid can get their own little cup of peanut butter too – those individual ones would be great, and they could collect their dipping stuff from the main serving platter too!

#2: Skewers

 Just about anything served on a skewer is irresistible to the kids!
I made these to include awesome vitamin packed fruits as well as protein rich ham and cheese for calcium.
Collect items for your skewer, such as grapes, pineapple, strawberry, ham, string cheese chunks, etc.  Arrange in an adorably cute pattern.
Cut the pointy end off of the skewer, and serve!

#3:  Fruit Flowers 

These happy little flower snacks take less than a minute to throw together.
With a clementine orange arranged as flower petals, grapes as a stem and leaves, and some cereal beneath it all, a sweet and healthy snack is ready for as many as you need!


#4:  Happy Friends

 Create some happy little friends using some rolled up turkey or ham for legs, a slice of cheese for a body, carrot arms, banana hair, and blueberry eyes with a grape mouth.
You can make these guys with anything you have on hand.  You will be a hit with your kids’ friends by offering them such a fun little friend for a snack!

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  1. says

    I featured you today at Smart! School {House} on behalf of Whimsy Wednesday! The new party starts later today. We hope you come back to share your latest creations this week:)

    Thank you!
    Kelly at Smart! School {House}

  2. says

    Great fun! I use many of these foods for playdate snacks, but I always stress because I feel like it doesn’t seem like anything all that special…well darned if you’ve found a way to make these snacks special! the “happy friends” made me chuckle, too cute. :)
    ~Tamar @LadiesHoliday

    • Amy Hudson says

      Thanks Tamar! I love the little bit of fun and humor that goes into using food to look like a little friend!

  3. jenna says

    fun and charming!
    a comment re: pnb.
    Some pnb are really thick, sometimes to the point of being stiff, and therefore, difficult for the youngest to dip into. I suggest thinning with water or milk, to prevent frustration and/or messes.

    I sometimes prep the snack items and have the kids make a picture out of the ingredients. Then they “gift” their creations to the other person. Yes, we started out with a lot of flowers and geometric patterns, but once someone made a picture of a puppy we’ve started getting some surprisingly well done animal and people portraits. So satisfying as a caretaker when something mundane turns into a creative and/or growing moment. And they are really learning how to focus their attention and energy.


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