Mike Wazowski (2 versions)

Monsters Inc is one of our favorite Disney Movies.  Mike Wazowski is one of the hilarious characters who works with Sulley.  I have two versions of Mike Wazowski to make for your Monsters Inc fan!

Do you recognize this guy from Monsters Inc.?  Mike Wazowski is made of a honeydew melon sliced and cored.  His eye is made of yogurt, a kiwi, and a blueberry.  His mouth is also made of bluberries.
Monsters Inc is one of the girls’ favorite Disney movies.  It’s one of those that they always watch from start to finish, never once losing interest.  It’s always great to have a few movies like that in the stash!
. . .
Here is another version of Mike, this time with sugar snap peas for the green part of his eye.  I thought that kiwi went better with the yogurt and other fruit in version 1, but loved the green color the sugar snap peas provided in version 2.
I sliced him up in order to make the eating part easier for my little Disney fan.
I can’t WAIT for Christmas season!  I have some really fun posts coming up for you with some ideas for fun snacks to get the kids in the spirit!  Not that they need any help with that!
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What is your child’s favorite Disney movie? 



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