Read.Play.Eat: Blackout

I’ve mentioned the awesome series going on at Sugar and Spice (my personal blog) on Learning and Literacy.  Each day, one of three cool bloggers share a kids story book along with an activity to go along with it.  Since I can’t resist making creative snacks, I’m also sharing those in each of my posts in this October series.

Here’s a little “teaser” for you to see the lunch I made.  Click the link below to see the great kids’ book that goes with it, along with a learning activity you and your child can try today!

(Click here to see the book)
(Go over to the post to see the learning activity!)
Re-create the rooftop scene by making a building out of a peanut butter sandwich, cutting the crusts into cubes for windows.  Next, slice 2 baby carrots in half and in half again for the main part of the bodies.  Thinly slice the remaining portions for the arms and legs.  We are seeing the people from behind, as shown in the cover of the book above, so no eyes are needed.  
I almost used a full banana for the moon, but it was way too big for the scale of the plate, so I cut a banana to shape.  
Create the stars by using your star icing tube attachment in the corner of a plastic bag.  Fill the bag with a little plain or vanilla yogurt as shown.  If you don’t have a star attachment for icing, just make little dot stars!
I hope you and your child have fun with this READ.PLAY.EAT activity.

(Did you go see the whole thing?  DO IT



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