The Flood

Genesis 6-9 tells the awesome story of Noah and the ark.  This story has fascinated kids for all time, and they love to picture all of the animals filing in two by two to be rescued in the safety of the ark from the great flood.
Read the story with your kids, or read the story of Noah in the children’s bible.  Talk about how they must have felt when they saw all of the water covering the earth.  Then talk about how they must have felt when God allowed them to land safely upon dry ground again.  You can make a list of the foods Noah might have used to feed all the animals, and which animals your child might like to take care of if he or she were in the ark during the flood.
Create this super easy lunch by inverting a peanut butter sandwich, slicing out two rectangular sections from the sides and slicing the top into a point.  Next, create the rain, clouds, and waves using this technique:
Add the lightning bolt with some thinly sliced pineapple or some cheddar cheese cut to look the part.
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