Do you own a kite?  Last summer, we took the girls to a kite festival.  They got to see professional kite flyers putting on a great air show.  There was music, and even a chance for the kids to make their own kites.  Granted, the kites they got to make were only out of paper, but it was a great way to introduce the kids to all that kites can do when flown right!
To create this kite lunch, take a peanut butter sandwich and cut a diamond.  Next, slice a baby carrot into thin sections to create the criss cross over the kite.  To make the string, slice a banana into a thin strip, and place strawberries over it to look like bows.
Show that the kite is in the sky by adding a bird made of sliced apples and a puffy cottage cheese cloud.

Create a larger kite using a banana for the outline and fruit for the colorful filling.  Use yogurt to draw a string.
Use yogurt or whipped cream for a cloud.
Make this into a dessert by making the kite out of a s’more or a brownie/bar you have on hand.


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