Solar System

A great excuse to give our kids a variety of fruits, veggies, meats, and cheeses in one snack (while educating them at the same time), is to make the Solar System with them!  Teach your children about the planets in our Solar System (yes, I know Pluto is no longer considered a planet…read on), and give them a healthy snack at the same time!
Using snacks is an amazing way to teach your young child about science.  Take a look at our Volcano post for a good example of this!

I found foods to use for each planet first, then I handed each to my daughter one at a time and had her repeat the names of the planets with me in order.  As she repeated each one, she laid it on the plate (and I spaced them out a little more for the picture).  She normally doesn’t like pepperoni but she ate it with this snack!
Below is a list of which foods I used for each planet:
Sun: mandarin orange, top sliced off and peeled but not separated
Mercury: a red grape
Venus: celery
Earth: kiwi
Mars: strawberry
Jupiter: pepperoni
Saturn: cheddar cheese
Uranus: a slice of string cheese
Neptune: ham
Pluto: (No longer technically a planet) corn
I added Pluto as a way to show my daughter that it was once a part of the solar system but is no longer.
And this one is another solar system I made last week showing the lines of orbit that each planet has.
I prefer the first version, which do you prefer?
The solar system above was made to show how each planet orbits the sun in our galaxy, the milky way.
I made the lines in the photo below as well as the stars in the photos above using this technique:
Make your planets out of anything you have in the house that you can cut into circular shapes.  Use your own creativity for this one!

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  1. Anonymous says

    What is the white stuff all over the plate? Looks like cottage cheese but don’t think even you would have went through that much work!?

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    Awesome…so creative!!! I like the first one best, too! Great that you can get a picky eater to eat things this way. My oldest daughter is picky no matter what. But my other two girls would definitely enjoy these creations! :) Thanks for great ideas!

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    Awesome. My son just learned about the solar system at school. This would’ be a great snack for them to make. I’ll have to forward link to teacher

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    Your solar systems are both amazing. I think the first is my favourite too. I’ve featured this post on my blog today as one of my favourites from last week’s Weekly Kids Co-op. Thanks for linking up! Feel free to grab a “featured at” button if you’d like one.

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