Space Party Food

Earth Cookies

A friend asked for some creative food ideas to serve at her kids’ space themed birthday party.  It’s actually a NASA themed party, which is very cool for a theme.  Here are some of the best healthy foods to serve at a space themed kids birthday party. Rocket Wraps (Via Creative Kid Snacks) Serve turkey […]

Toy Story Alien

Toy Story Alien Snack

Toy Story 3 is one of the highest rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes, a movie review website my husband checks religiously before we go out to see a movie.  Kids love the excitement, adventure, and charming characters in this movie.  Even my little girls love  the Woody doll that Grandma keeps at her house, and […]

End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

One of the primary goals I have as a mom is to teach my kids to love eating healthy food.  The reason we share our creative and healthy snacks here is to give parents plenty of ideas on how to present a healthy meal in a FUN way. I also love sharing other resources that […]

breakfast made beautiful

Breakfast Made Beautiful

Here at Creative Kid Snacks, we make a lot of funny food and plate art.  Breakfast can be made to look like Hello Kitty, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a snail, a whale, or even Mickey Mouse. Sometimes, however, a simple yet beautiful presentation is all it takes for your children to know that they are […]

Volcano Lunch title

Volcano Lunch

My daughter (5 years old), is really into volcanoes.  She likes to study them, watch videos online about them, and find out all about how they work.  For awhile, she was saying that she wanted to be a geologist when she grew up!  We had made a volcano lunch last year, (click right here to […]

peacock hummus

Healthy Peacock Snack

A cute little peacock is a wonderful way to serve all sorts of colorful, healthy food by using it in his beautiful tail.  Awhile back we made this version of a peacock, but I thought he was due for an upgrade!  This version is even healthier than the other, as it is grain free and […]

Rainbow yogurt snack

Today I Ate A Rainbow

Healthy eating is a huge deal for us in our house.  One of the reasons I started this blog was to empower moms and dads to present HEALTHY food in creative ways to get the kids excited about eating it.  The habits kids develop at a young age stay with them as they grow older. […]

Party Food Collage

Why I Do Themed Birthday Parties

(thecelebrationshoppe via Amy on Pinterest) So, your two year old is about to turn three.  You’ve got about a month before the big day.    You want to have the birthday party at home, since renting out one of those great bounce houses, dance studios, or fancy makeover places for little ones is way beyond […]

Daniel Tiger Oranges

Daniel Tiger Birthday Party Ideas {Healthy Foods}

Lots of kids love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS and Sprout.  The show teaches kids valuable life lessons using simple songs repeated throughout each episode by the characters as they learn a lesson about life.  Many of my friends have children who watch the show, and I know of several people planning a Daniel Tiger […]


3 kings

The 3 kings, or reyes magos as I used to teach about in Spanish class, are an integral part of the Christmas story.  As we celebrate this special time, mixed with all of the fun holiday food we make are those snacks that remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. Matthew 2: 1 – […]

Daniel and Lions

Daniel and the Lions’ Den

Daniel Chapter 6 tells the story of Daniel, a righteous, God-fearing jew who served as a high-ranking government official under king Darius.  Daniel did his job so well that king Darius planned to set him in charge of the whole kingdom.  Some of the other government administrators working alongside Daniel decided to find a way […]