Volcano Lunch

My daughter (5 years old), is really into volcanoes.  She likes to study them, watch videos online about them, and find out all about how they work.  For awhile, she was saying that she wanted to be a geologist when she grew up!  We had made a volcano lunch last year, (click right here to see it), but I decided it was time for an upgrade to that version.

Volcano Lunch

Volcano Lunch - creative way to teach kids about how volcanoes work during lunch time!

This updated version of our volcano has more veggies and healthy ingredients than our first one.  The volcano itself is a grilled cheese sandwich (well, the equivalent of half of a sandwich as it was sliced into a triangle shape) – and this is because my girls are just crazy about grilled cheese.  I try to buy organic cheddar cheese and minimally processed bread to use in their sandwiches.  Place thinly sliced red pepper atop the volcano to look like lava.  Fresh red bell pepper is packed with vitamins and has a sweet, refreshing taste that my kids really like.  The “ground” beneath the volcano is made up of avocado, which is a great source of healthy fat and considered a superfood.  A sliced boiled egg as the sun in the sky will provide some good protein, and thin strips of baby carrot provide the sun’s rays.

Make Your Own Volcano

 When my daughter Grace first heard about lava on a Disney show called “Little Einsteins”, she suddenly wanted to know everything about it.   I explained to her how a volcano works, talked about the magma underneath the earth’s surface and all of the details about how pressure forms inside the volcano until it erupts.  She asked tons of questions, and that evening when we got home she asked to watch videos of lava.

Thanks to Youtube, we were able to see all kinds of lava flows.  This was one of my favorite ones (if your kiddo is into volcanoes too).  Or, check out these great general videos on how volcanoes work.

After several days on the lava bandwagon, I had the idea to actually make a volcano with her.  Why not right?

 Here is what we made, followed by some instructions on how to make your own:

Volcano Lunch - creative way to teach kids about how volcanoes work during lunch time!

Materials to gather:


Plastic (disposable) cup, cut down to half it’s original height

2 teaspoons baking soda

4-5 drops of red food coloring

1/4 – 1/2 cup vinegar (any kind)

Large surface to catch the flowing “lava”


First, build a “volcano”.   

We used a cardboard box, (rolled up and taped together), but you could mold one out of play-dough, use paper maché, or even a mound of real dirt.

Next, place a small cup inside the top hole.  The cup should sit snugly in the opening at the top of the volcano.  I used a plastic cup that I cut to be shorter (about the size of a cup measurement).  The cup is where your explosion ingredients are mixed.

Add 2 teaspoons of baking soda.

Next, add 4-5 drops of red food coloring.

Finally, take about 1/4 cup of vinegar and slowly pour into cup over the baking soda.  

The explosion fizzes out and runs all the way down the volcano.

The “lava” is red because the food coloring mixes with the baking soda as the eruption happens so no need to mix the food coloring all the way through.

Have fun learning all about volcanoes, and then eating one!

Volcano Lunch - creative way to teach kids about how volcanoes work during lunch time!

Tell me what some of your favorite “experiments” or learning activities are for the kiddos.  I know you all have great ideas!  Feel free to link to a post you wrote about it in your comment.  I’d love to check it out!

Under the Sea

“Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid is one of our all-time favorite movie songs.  It just gets stuck in our head every time we listen to it!

We’ve been in a bit of a whirlwind in life lately, so Sunday night we decided to veg and have a family movie night.  Our movie of choice was The Little Mermaid.

Today’s snack is inspired by Sebastain’s famous song “Under the Sea”.

"Under the Sea" kids snack with avocados, oatmeal, strawberries, and cheese.  So fun! | CreativeKidSnacks.com
Create these fun little sea creatures using the following ingredients:

1/2 cup cooked oatmeal

1/4 avocado, sliced

1 strawberry

1/2 slick string cheese

3 grapes

goldfish crackers

1 teaspoon yogurt


Spoon your oatmeal onto the bottom of the plate for the ocean floor.

Next, arrange your avocado slices to look like a beautiful ocean plant.

Slice your strawberry in half so it lies flat on the plate and slice again into 6-8 thin strips to use as the crab’s arms and legs.

Slice 1/2 of your string cheese from the bottom into several small sections.  I think this little guy looks like one of Nemo’s little classmates.  (Now we are cross-referencing Disney movies!).

Slice grapes in half to lay flat onto the plate, and create little tails by slicing remaining portion of grape in half.

Add goldfish crackers.

**Optional: add little eyes to some of the creatures using a food marker

You are now ready to draw your waves at the top of the plate to complete the “Under the Sea” look.  I love to use the following technique:

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Butterfly Quesadilla + Weekly Kids Co-op

Butterflies are a sign of new life.  Spring always gets me motivated to get outside, enjoy nature, and celebrate it with our food, too!  My daughter has been very in to butterflies lately, and she has even requested a rainbow butterfly birthday party!  We’ve already made delicious fruit butterfly for a snack, and today’s butterfly will be a lunchtime butterfly treat.

Butterfly Quesadillas

Buttefly quesadillas by creativekidsnacks.com.  Super easy and so fun!

I have two daughters.  I made one quesadilla with a 8-inch tortillas, (I love to use the whole wheat or multi-grain tortilla wraps), and cut it into 4 equal portions.  Place two quesadilla “wings” on your plate.

Create the body by slicing the end off of some beautiful green grapes and laying them on your plate to look like a body.

Thinly slice a baby carrot into strips to use for antennae, and place two blueberries on top of the carrots to complete the look.

If you feel so inclined, you could even use a food marker to draw a happy face on the top grape for your butterfly.

That’s it!  Super easy and so fun for the kids.

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By the way, I found another blogger who has another take on the butterfly quesadillas.  Check her version out here!

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Who doesn’t love peanut butter?  A peanut butter porcupine is even better!  Make this snack for your peanut butter-loving child and he will be delighted to dip every part of the snack into the yummy peanut butter.

My girls love to make snacks that reflect nature.  Things that they see around them every day.  Some examples of our nature snacks include Solar System, Flower Garden, Dragon Fly, and others found here.

Pocupine peanut butter dipping snack

This guy is super easy to make and the kids love dipping everything in the peanut butter.

First, spread a tablespoon or two of peanut butter in the center of the plate.

Next, give him some spikes using mini pretzel sticks.

Cut several slices of banana into circles and slice two of those circles in half to lay flat on the plate.  Now place a head and a tail on each end of his body.  Add a tiny dollop of peanut butter for his nose, and break off a small end of a pretzel stick to stick into the banana for his eye.

Finally, add some celery as the grass he’s playing in, and you are done!

When I made this snack for my girls, They loved dipping everything in the peanut butter to eat.  This snack is definitely a winner!

Pocupine peanut butter dipping snack

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Downhill Skier

Do you love skiing?  Have you taken a family trip to Colorado to hit the slopes this year?  Even if you haven’t gotten to go in person, celebrate the fun of winter sports with this cute little lunch.


Cottage chesse is a favorite in our home.  Any lunch with cottage cheese as one of the elements is sure to be gobbled up quickly!

To create this lunch, take a baby carrot and slice it in half lengthwise so it lies flat on the plate.  Chop off one of the rounded edges from the bottom.  This will be your skier’s body.  Next, slice the other half of the carrot you didn’t use for the body into small sticks to serve as the arms and legs.  Create the look of bended knees by cutting what would be one leg in half and laying on the plate to look like it is bent.

Take some thinly sliced celery and cut to desired length for skis.  Add two small pretzel sticks for the poles.

Now, take a spoon and spread the cottage cheese onto the plate to look like it is sloping upward on one side as a mountain would.

I decided to add a fun touch in the background by using some string cheese for a chair lift.  Use a small rounded edge of a carrot for a little guy, and give him one leg (that you are seeing from the side), and one ski.

Give each skier a cap to keep warm.  I used turkey breast cut to shape with a little puff of cottage cheese on top.

Your kids will love this protein and fiber filled snack.

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Lion King Lunch

“The Lion King” is one of my personal favorite Disney movies of all time.  We just got a copy for Christmas and the songs “Circle of Life” and “Can you feel the love tonight” are stuck in my head for hours every time we watch it!  Simba and Mufasa are the heroes of the story, so today are creating a lion lunch in their honor.
Create grown-up Simba or Mufasa with some rotini pasta with marinara sauce for the mane, a slice of colby jack cheese for his face, and, strawberries cut in a triangle for his nose and two thin strips for his mouth area!  Add two raisins for his eyes, and you are done.
Serve with some grapes on the side, and enjoy!
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A Pair of Pair Snacks

Have a play date coming up?  Need a 45 second snack for a crowd?  Try one of these snacks!

Create two little flowers by peeling a clementine and arranging it as petals.  Next, slice some green grapes in half to make the stems, and finish with a ground of cereal.  I used Kix.  Easy and fun!

For something a bit more filling and nutritious, create little people out of a slice of cheese (I used organic Colby Jack from Costco), add blueberry eyes and a red grape mouth.  Place carrots on either side of the cheese to make their arms.  Use some sliced bananas for some funky hair, and finish with two little turkey legs.
There you have two fun little snacks that each take less than a minute or two to make!

More Play Date Snacks


Have you had a memorable family trip like this one?  Why not re-create it?
Camping scene:  Tent is made of a peanut butter sandwich, the tree trunks and ground are made of Triscuit crackers, the leaves on the trees are made of cucumber and the campfire is made out of a base of walnuts and flames of carrots and yellow pepper.

My husband and I are off to the Great Smoky Mountains for a little getaway, so this also reflects a little of my anticipation for our trip!


A Day at the Beach

We had our last beach day of the summer this past weekend.
So sad to say goodbye to the lazy days of summer, but we can still commemorate them with a creative snack.
This snack is made by laying turkey breast along the bottom of a plate to look like sand.
Slice some watermelon squares to look like towels.  Cut a baby carrot in half and lay on top of the watermelon like little people.  Add little arms and legs by thinly slicing another baby carrot.  Finally, add little swim shorts and waves using the following method:


Finish the snack by adding a few goldfish in the water, and you are done!

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Flower garden

Make use of wonderful seasonal fruit like peaches by creating an awesome snack of a flower garden.
Reminiscent of our famous flower pot snack, this snack is refreshing and beautiful.
Create three flowers.  The first is a turkey breast rosette. Roll up a slice of turkey breast and position atop the celery stem as shown.  The second will be your peach.  Slice normally and position like a flower as shown.  The third will be a strawberry flower.  Slick a strawberry into nine sections (or so) and position on the plate to look like a flower.
Serve with some peanut butter for dipping the celery, and you have a lovely and healthy snack!

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