Flower Pot Snack

When my daughter and I first started making food art, one of the first creative snacks we thought of was this basket of flowers.
The best thing about making a flower arrangement is that it is totally customizable.  You can make flower out of just about any nutritious food.  Fruits and vegetables are especially perfect because of their bright, beautiful colors.

First, I’ll share how we made this one, then I’ll give you some suggestions for alternative flowers.
Place a graham cracker at the bottom of your plate for a basket.  
Next, thinly slice 1-2  celery sticks flower stems.  If you feel so inclined, you can add “leaves” made out of sugar snap peas, avocado, more celery, green apples, or green grapes.
  Now, create four flowers.  Here’s what we used for ours.
Flower 1:  carrots and a grape.  Flower 2: bananas and the bottom of a strawberry.  Flower 3:  a piece of toast with jam cut into the shape of a tulip.  Flower 4: rosette made of ham.  

I like this snack because of the variety of food groups represented, as well as the way it showcases the beautiful colors of the fruits and veggies.

Other great foods to use for flowers:








bell pepper

hummus: pipe onto plate with a beautiful tip using your cake decorating supplies!

Use your imagination!  I’m sure you will come up with a fantastic plate!  Make one today!

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